Whether I’m driving in my car, at the gym, or getting ready for work, I’m always listening to something. My ears are always filled with good beats, good artists, good words, and good messages. Here is what has been keeping me entertained.


Who Am I?


I always assumed everyone reading this just knew me, so I never really allowed you to see and know who I really am. So this post is for everyone to kinda see who I am and what I am about!

Lucky Number 3


Do you find yourself every morning in a bind when it comes to finding what to wear? Or do you gravitate towards certain items in your closet that are “safe”? Somedays for me, I feel like I own not one single piece of good clothing. Its frustrating. I too, seem to continuously use some of the same items over and over again. Luckily I am smart enough to not wear it the same way! I made a teeny tiny list of items that you must own, if you dont already, to make your morning choosing easier!

Hello Sun!


I am pretty sure that I am not the only one sitting at home waiting for this cold/weird weather to PASS. We are at the end of February and the sun seriously has some explaining to do. My mind is lingering over warmer days and BEACH, BEACH, BEACH! South Padre Island is so close to me that I go any chance I possibly can get. So me being me, I am preparing myself for my days in the sun. Hence, choosing swimwear for 2019!

Somebody to Lean On


Sometimes I wake up with ideas in my head of things I want to do or accomplish. My mind goes 102mph trying to come up with a plan on how I want to get there and I feel a huge rush of adrenaline inside me. Other days I wake up thinking, gosh Ash, how dumb are you for thinking that that was even a possibility!? And with that mind set comes a list of 100 reasons why I shouldn’t do that specific thing…Well let me tell you one thing buddy, I’m not the only one that feels that way and neither are you!

All you need is love.


Good Morning!

I woke up dreaming of flowers, smelling chocolates and thinking of wine…or maybe it’s just still in my system from this passed weekend! Oops. Anywho, Happy Valentines Week! February came quickly and it dropped this holiday on us way too fast!

I’m sure a huge number of yall are procrastinators and have yet to get any kind of gift for your loved one. I’m here to help you with that! What would you do without me!?